Who We Are

Our principles and goals

Kultiva, founded in 2020 by CARD Agroservice, is a closed joint stock company that trades agricultural commodities and provides technical assistance and consulting services in all spheres of agricultural production. 

Kultiva CJSC imports high quality and technologically advanced agricultural commodities,
such as special farm equipment, tools, fertilizers, dairy equipment and supplies from
worldwide leading companies and distributes them throughout Armenia according to market demand.
The following list of core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization.

We partner with our suppliers to educate, inspire and communicate the outstanding quality and benefits of our products. Apart from our commercial activities, we also know our social responsibilities to make our office, community and country better place to live: via sharing our specific knowledge in the areas of agriculture and agribusiness with the local communities and population. We believe this way we can be more than just another profit-making company.