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Lower the cost of your cooling operations, improve the quality of your milk and maximize your profits with the cooling tanks. Core benefits • Rapid cooling optimizes milk quality • Easy cleaning • Fish tail agitator preserve fat cells • Reduces energy costs by 10-15% • Compact tank • Plug & play solution Although fresh milk has a certain natural resistance to bacteria, it will start to deteriorate over time as bacteria starts to take hold in the milk. Cooling the milk to around 4 – 6° C within two to three hours after milking will essentially stop the process of bacterial growth and chemical changes, and allow more time for the product to be delivered to the customer in top condition. DeLaval cooling tanks have been designed to make sure you get the right conditions from the moment you opt for automated milk cooling. The tanks are easy-to-install, well insulated, hygienic, easy to clean, silent and ergonomic. There are tanks ranging in size from 200 liters to 1850 liters. For details regarding the delivery dates and prices please contact our office.